27 April 2017

Crafty or Crazy?

The political magazine Washington Monthly published a shorter article on Tuesday with the title "Trump’s Delusions" (link here). The piece listed several examples of bizarrely false claims Donald Trump has made in media interviews recently that are completely divorced from reality.

One example involves his recent meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump famously refused to shake her hand during her White House visit, the sort of rude treatment you'd reserve for someone with whom you're barely speaking. But then he bragged later in an interview about how he had "great chemistry" with Merkel.

So does Trump know he's lying when he says things like this or is he delusional?

"What we are witnessing is someone who needs to reshape reality to put himself in the center as 'the greatest' of whatever standard is being measured," the linked article notes. "He creates delusions to pretend he has accomplished great things."

If you've ever spent any time around someone who is psychotic, this is exactly the sort of behavior they exhibit. They make up preposterous stories and then believe them like they're verified facts.

The writer on the linked piece then asks: "the only remaining question about all of this is whether Trump actually believes these delusions or simply creates them in a calculated way."

She concludes Trump is delusional and not deliberately lying.

If she is correct, then the nation is in deep, deep trouble. We have a true lunatic in the White House.

Honey, I'm Home

Nick is the hairy musclestud top here and Mitch is the sculpted smoothie. Nick is forty, stands 6'2, and weighs 195 pounds. Mitch is 5'10, 195 pounds, and of unknown age.

Nick is from New York City originally and Mitch is from Salt Lake City originally. I'm guessing, based on these locations, that Nick was raised in an Italian-American Catholic family and Mitch had a Mormon upbringing.

The look of this photo set makes me imagine Nick and Mitch are a couple meeting up at home after a long day. Nick is a cop and Mitch is a prosecutor. Mitch spent much of the day questioning Nick on the witness stand, and that made the two men so horny that, when they arrive home, they can't help but strip naked and let loose.

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26 April 2017

The Mirage

New York magazine published an excellent article Monday (link here) with the title "Trump Is Writing Fake Executive Orders Because He Doesn’t Know How to Be President."

Republicans had paroxysms whenever President Obama signed executive orders, screaming about overreach while ignoring the fact he had signed fewer such orders than recent Republican Presidents. In contrast, Donald Trump is signing far more executive orders than Obama ever did but GOP members are silent or actually applauding the current President.

Executive orders are typically substantive, serious documents to remedy specific problems when Congress has failed to act or to fulfill statutory requirements.

Trump, however, is not doing that. Many of his executive orders are extremely minor and pointless exercises in window dressing. They often amount to nothing more than ordering a study group about a particular issue, something already in the power of the President to do without a specific order.

Previous Presidents rarely signed executive orders in public. They saved signing ceremonies for important pieces of legislation from Congress.

Not Trump. He has a public signing ceremony for every executive order, no matter how minor, complete with press photographers and flanked by applauding sycophants.

He does this to create a mirage that he's actually "getting stuff done," as he repeatedly calls it. He's had utterly no legislative accomplishments in his first hundred days, unlike all previous recent Presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, so he creates a mirage of achieve with these ludicrous orders and dog-and-pony signing ceremonies.

His supporters buy this bullshit. Most of us who don't support him know it's just a sham. The media, however, needs to focus more on this, as New York magazine thankfully has done with this piece.

I urge you to read the article and share it with friends and acquaintances who may incorrectly insist that Trump is "getting stuff done." It's further proof of the endless deceit coming out of the Trump White House.

Jake Returns

Hot alpha stud Jake Deckard was featured here in a video last week. He's back today for a command performance, this time topping a somewhat younger Jessie Coulter.

This scene has lots of nice foreplay and the actual fucking doesn't begin until fifteen minutes into the action. And it ends with my favorite thing -- a warm and sticky cum-coated kiss.

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25 April 2017


The Associated Press interviewed Donald Trump at length on Friday and released the complete transcript of the session yesterday (link here). At quite a few spots in the recording, Trump was literally unintelligible or rambling, and the AP tried to do their best in preserving that in print.

The postmortem coverage of his babblefest has been brutal. I read at least a dozen stories yesterday in major media outlets that all offered analysis of whatever he was trying to say, and without exception everyone agreed it was a nonsensical swamp of lies, distortions, misquotes, boasts, and utter gibberish.

The transcript is startling for a number of reasons. First and foremost one has to question Trump's very sanity. Is he suffering from dementia or mentally ill -- or both? Or is he such a habitual dissembler that he has no clue that he's repeatedly lying and immediately contradicting some of his own lies within minutes of uttering them.

Rather than a blizzard of click-throughs, I decided to link what I thought was the best wrapup analysis of Trump's sit-down session, and that was at The Toronto Star (link here). They've titled their piece "The 19 strangest things Donald Trump said in his surreal 100-days interview" followed by the deck "Trump’s Associated Press interview is replete with lies, exaggerations, rambles and strange non-sequiturs."

Some highlights:

--Minutes after talking about how he watches CNN, he says he doesn't watch CNN.

--Minutes after saying he doesn't talk to European leaders about the Iran nuclear deal, he says he talks to European leaders about the Iran nuclear deal.

--He tried to blame an unnamed person for his own "Contract With The American Voter" which he repeatedly promoted, signed, and mailed to voters during the campaign.

--He admitted when he repeatedly said during the campaign NATO was obsolete that he actually had no idea what he was talking about.

--After a total flip-flop on his promise to label China a currency manipulator on his very first day in office, he tried to blame the media for his hypocrisy, notwithstanding that he wrote an editorial for The Wall Street Journal in 2015 where he talked at length about his promise.

--He says literally counting the first hundred days of accomplishments is not accurate because "you know I had to get like a little bit of grounding right," when he argued that a longer period than a hundred days should be used for his own hundred-day benchmark.

All this, yet there are still people who insist we should totally believe some vague promise Trump made to be a pro-LGBT President, notwithstanding he has repeatedly contradicted that since being sworn into office by appointing LGBT haters and pursuing anti-LGBT policies.

Introducing Manuel

Manuel is the older, muscular lad topping here. He stands 5'8 and is a well sculpted 180 pounds. He's very new to porn and just started in 2017. To date he's done about a half dozen scenes, topping in all but one.

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24 April 2017

The Corner

I've written before about how when a conservative Republican speaks out against Donald Trump and calls him a liar and phony, that's someone you should pay particular attention to. He or she isn't acting out of partisan interests and is, in fact, acting against his or her own party's leader.

The conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin spares no sacred cows in her latest piece that appeared yesterday (link here) in The Washington Post. She's titled the column "Trump hasn’t turned a corner."

Rubin blasts Trump for still being the ill-informed, habitually deceptive liar he was throughout the campaign and doubts he'll ever change. She writes:

"Trump has not improved nor has his administration become competent or coherent. He wildly exaggerates accomplishments, overpromises and delivers virtually nothing. He embraces anti-democratic and racist autocrats. And his administration remains obsessed with vilifying immigrants and creating hysteria about our southern border. Meanwhile, his major legislative initiatives have not passed even one chamber of Congress."

While Trump's hardcore fans might think he's "winning," a majority of Americans do not. A new poll released yesterday (link here) shows nearly two out of three Americans give him a poor or only fair grade on his first three months in office. The rest of the world ranks him even lower.

Notwithstanding that she is a conservative Republican, I urge you to click through to Rubin's column. It's a fast but powerful read.


This is Michael who has a fantastic pelt of fur. I like how he kept everything original without any shaving. Of course, with that much hair, it would be a gigantic pain in the ass to depilate all the time.

He's identified as Italian with no further details or stats. I would not be surprised if he's Neapolitan or Sicilian. I've known men from those two parts of Southern Italy, and they had tightly curled bodyhair like this.

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23 April 2017

Make It Clear

Hillary Clinton was a featured speaker this past week at a fundraiser for The Center, an LGBT community organization in New York City. She used the occasion to underscore how, rainbow flag notwithstanding, Donald Trump already has a poor record as President when it comes to LGBT rights.

She specifically highlighted a number of controversial actions the Trump administration has taken to harm LGBT rights, including:

-- Rescinding protections for transgender school students put in place by President Obama.

-- Proposing cuts in funding for HIV and AIDS research by at least $292 million.

-- Nominating stridently anti-LGBT advocates like Mark Green to key positions in the administration.

She warned that more erosion of rights may be coming and that the LGBT community must remain vigilant.

But what can be done to stop Trump? Clinton had an answer for that: prepare for the 2018 midterms to bring in more senators and representatives who will slow his attacks on LGBT rights.

Get involved, she urged, so we can "make it clear where our country stands" on LGBT rights. Haters should not be able to overrule the pro-LGBT will of the majority.

What are you doing to get ready for the 2018 election season? It will be here before we know it.

A Neighbor Drops By

The set-up here is so lame it's laughable, but the sex is pretty hot. The one performer is described on the Internet Adult Film Database as being 6'1 and the other as 5'6, but when they kiss in this video, they're the same height. Somebody fudged his resume!

If you'd prefer to watch this on the source webpage or if you'd like to download your own copy to keep, you should click here.

22 April 2017


A retired Army officer wrote an excellent op-ed in yesterday's Washington Post (link here) with the title "Trump’s anti-LGBT Army secretary nominee thinks veterans like me have ‘a disease.’"

The author is a transgender woman and she discusses the moral unfitness of Trump's Army Secretary nominee Mark Green for the job. I've discussed Green here before and his long history of hateful anti-LGBT behavior.

"The disrespect — the bigotry — he’s shown over and over toward the LGBT community, including LGBT service members, doesn’t reflect the spirit or direction of the military I know," the retired officer writes. "His selection reflects poorly on the President and our armed forces. He’s the wrong choice to be Army secretary."

She then steps through some of Green's history of targeted hate toward the LGBT community. The most troubling item was how Green encouraged the State of Tennessee to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court's marriage equality decision and to continue denying marriage licenses to LGBT persons.

Such an act is calling for open defiance of the US constitution, because the constitution makes the federal judiciary and the Supreme Court the final determiner of constitutionality. It shows Green's utter contempt for the American system of laws.

In my opinion and in the opinion of others, such contempt renders him unfit for any appointed or elected office. If you think you can ignore the law at will, then you don't belong anywhere in the government.

Donald Trump should withdraw this nomination and/or Green should remove his name from consideration.

Pounding Ass

The top here really gets into pounding his partner. These lads are allegedly straight, but the bottom must be pretty experienced to handle rough fucking like this.

If you'd rather watch this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep, you should click here.

21 April 2017

The Beginning of the End

The Washington Post published a very interesting essay on Wednesday (link here) with the title "This is what the beginning of the end of democracy looks like."

The piece looks at Donald Trump as part of an international drift away from democracy toward absolutism and autocratacy. The change began several years before Trump was elected, but his election will hasten this development.

I am not one who believes Trump will be the next Hitler. I don't think any autocrat in the 21st century will look like the fascists of early to mid-20th century.

But that's not to say Trump won't be an autocrat or at least try to be one. And, intentionally or accidentally, he'll help encourage movement toward autocracies in the rest of the world.

There are many obvious dangers in an autocracy. Everyone's rights are at stake. Dissent is silenced and often brutally. If you've ever spent time in an autocratic country, as I have, the difference is palpable.

Minorities and LGBT people are often singled out for particular persecution in an autocracy. We see that in Russia. We see that in countries like Iran and Belarus and other parts of the former Eastern Block.

This persecution can unite support from conservatives worldwide behind the autocrat. We see that in America when people like Trump, Sarah Palin, and other Republicans praise Vladimir Putin. They like him because he has imposed a theocratic anti-LGBT autocracy in Russia.

This is the great danger Trump poses to LGBT citizens throughout the world. While certain attempts at LGBT persecution by people in his administration will be stopped by the courts in the United States, some may still happen.

Outside of the country, however, people like Putin and Recep Erdogan, Turkey's increasingly autocratic president, may feel emboldened to step up attacks on LGBT people in their country. In 2015, for instance, the English-language Israeli newspaper Haaretz published an article (link here) titled "How Erdogan Spurs LGBT Hatred for Political Gain" which documents how an autocrat instinctively will turn to intolerance toward LGBT people as a way to solidify his base.

Certain demographics in both Britain and the United States have a long history of flirting with the far right and embracing autocratic ideals, but large majorities in both countries have always rejected such inclinations. Because such flirtations were arguably stronger in Britain (link here), I think many people with a British upbringing like me are naturally very cautious when people like Trump and his international counterparts say or do anything even remotely autocratic.

I'm almost certain the United States will survive Trump's presidency, and I'm not alone in that opinion. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't speak out each and every time he does something undemocratic and un-American.

The more he is contained and constrained, the better for democracy worldwide, now and in the future.

Tall Drink of Water

I could tell as soon as I saw pictures of this lad that he was tall. You can see in the way he carries himself and his proportions when he's sitting on the couch.

He's allegedly named Jake, stands 6'4 and weighs in at 205 pounds. He's what I call "dorky hot" -- the face is dorky but the body is hot.

Someone named Joey's comment on the Way Big website about Jake made me laugh: "He's exactly that tall silent loner athletic type (usually basketball or hockey) who you met online during your senior year of college. He's fun, kinda new/eager in bed but getting him to talk about anything is a chore so you stop hanging out. Suddenly, a year later, he's engaged to some random chick he met right after graduation. Didn't seem that into women when he was chugging your loads at the edge of his bed and looking up at you like you just did him the biggest favor. And then he'd cum so much."

When someone commented about this, believing it a fantasy, the poster replied: "Oh, it's not a fantasy. It's a college experience that went nowhere."

Now here is where Joey's and my experiences differ. I had no problem banging lads like Jake and then moving on. They were just a piece of nice ass. I didn't make the mistake of falling in love with them, even if I loved fucking them.

The studio releasing these photos strongly hints Jake will be back for some male/male sexual activity. I definitely want to see that. He'd be great either topping or bottoming or -- best of all -- both.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and total more than three dozen in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click here.