22 January 2017

The Long Con

In the criminal lexicon, a long con is a scam that goes on for an extended period of time. Bernie Madoff's scam is an excellent example of a long con.

Jonathan Chait is one of my favorite political columnists because his thinking many times so precisely matches mine. It's like he's doing a mind meld on me somehow.

I have long said that Donald Trump is a con artist. His checkered career is full of examples, with none better than the disgraceful Trump University, a scam that suckered countless millions out of innocent dupes, many of them veterans and senior citizens.

Chait published an excellent article on Friday in New York magazine (link here) with the title "The System Has Failed and a Con Artist Has Won."

This paragraph is simply brilliant: "The methods of a skilled con artist have worked just barely well enough to deliver the presidency to Trump. But what happens when his grandiose promises fail to materialize? And when the aspects of his program that he never mentioned in his speech — tax cuts for the rich, stripping away health insurance from millions, massive graft — do take place? A con artist who always escaped his old victims and found new ones has reached the maximal limits of his strategy. What happens when the marks are demanding that the promises he made be redeemed, and there is nowhere for him to go, and he commands the powers of the state?"

I urge you to read the whole article.

This will not end well.

Trashy Top

I wanted a Dylan James scene to post and this was the hottest full length one I found. It's a hot video with Dylan stuffing his fat plus-size cock into a hapless little submissive twink.

Dylan is covered with tattoos on his well muscled frame, making him a trashy top. He looks like the handsome quarterback gone bad who did a few stints in the stir and, since his release, now can only find release with other men. Prison reformed him from being a straight man.

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21 January 2017

Let the Record Show

Let the record show that I did not consent to this.

Let it show that I did not vote for this man, that he did not represent me, that I did not believe he was deserving of being here, that I grieved his ascension.

Let history record my objection to him, to the ways he humiliated women and vilified Muslims and threatened protesters and disregarded people of color.

Let it record my repulsion at his tremendous cruelty, his lack of compassion, his contempt for dissension, his absence of simple decency.

I did not write this, and it continues in a longer and moving essay linked here.

The author is a LGBT-welcoming pastor in North Carolina. The world needs more people like him.

Greenhouse Tag Team

I was looking for any videos online featuring big hot stud Max Summerfield but unfortunately could not find any. I stumbled on this hot one, however, because it somehow triggered a keyword match.

I do believe this is the first porn I've seen shot in a greenhouse. The place is an abandoned wreck now, the perfect place for a quick hookup.

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20 January 2017

Judge Him By His Friends

Let's say I was talking to you about a man I know. Let's call him Don. Don used to have a very good friend named Roy, who was a lawyer.

Back in the 1950s, Roy was a self-hating gay man deep in the closet. Nevertheless, Roy enjoyed persecuting gay men. Whenever he could, he outed gay men so they would lose their jobs. Sometimes he even helped prosecute them so they ended up ruined and in jail.

Roy also helped Don with his business. When Don was sued by some African-Americans because Don refused to rent to them, Roy agreed to represent him.

Because of this, Don always spoke warmly about Roy and considered him a friend and mentor. Don still speaks fondly about Roy to this day.

Chances are, you'd think Don was pretty despicable for having a friend like Roy. A man should be judged by the friends he keeps, particularly when they're racist homophobes.

Turns out, this story is true, and a good number of you probably already know that Don is Donald Trump and Roy is Roy Cohn.

Roy Cohn has long been considered a particularly loathsome individual, a gay man who persecuted gays, a Jew who hated Jews, and a soulless lawyer who defended the indefensible.

And Donald Trump still considers him a friend and mentor.

The Advocate published a good article on Wednesday with the title Lessons Learned: Roy Cohn, Trump's Gay Mentor, Shows the Importance of Community (link here) that, in turn, links to other interesting pieces about the intertwined Cohn/Trump history.

How can Donald Trump claim to be a friend of LGBT Americans when he still admires a man like Roy Cohn who gleefully destroyed so many gay and lesbian citizens?

(Right-click photo to see and save larger original.)


This bloke reminds me of the beefy lads on the college wrestling team who were sweet, quiet lunks but not the sharpest pencils in the box. Some of them had urges they didn't understand, but if you helped them with their classwork and got them stoned enough, they could be talked into almost anything.

Viktor here is a strapping 6'2 and weighs in at 230 pounds. He has a nice, thick uncut cock and looks perfect for cuddling. I want to see him lose his cherry.

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19 January 2017

Back to the Past

Donald Trump met with William Pryor over the weekend, one of his top choices for the Supreme Court. The President-Elect is expected to nominate someone for the high court vacancy shortly after he's sworn into office tomorrow.

Make no mistake about it, Pryor has a very poor record on LGBT rights. In a legal brief as state attorney general, he equated gay sex with pedophilia and bestiality and said LGBT people should be jailed because of it (details here and here).

As a judge, Pryor also upheld a law banning LGBT parents from adopting (details here). He was considered so anti-LGBT that in 2005, when George W. Bush nominated Pryor for a lower court judgeship, Lambda Legal said he was the "most demonstrably antigay judicial nominee in recent memory" (details here).

So while Trump himself may pretend personally to be pro-LGBT and once briefly held an upside-down rainbow flag, what he does as President will determine how pro- or anti-LGBT he actually is. Nominating Pryor would be a very dangerous move against LBGT and other civil rights -- his is stridently anti-choice, for instance.

Quite honestly, if an issue of marriage equality came before the Supreme Court again, Pryor could be the deciding vote to strike it down or limit it severely. He could also strike down other fundamental LGBT rights. After all, the high court has reversed its own precedent on a number of occasions in the past, and Pryor could be the vote to do that again and again and again, taking us back to the nineteenth century and earlier.

Tempting Tanline

This is Taylor, who stands 5'11 and weighs 170 pounds. He has a natural tan and that makes me suspect he's a Californian. Fake tanning salon tans and spray-on tans are not terribly common here, particularly amongst younger lads.

Taylor is blessed with wide shoulders and a wasp waist, giving him the coveted "T" shape. He's lean but obviously fit and strong. I believe this is the very first porn shoot he has done, but I will keep my eyes peeled to see if he does anything more in the forthcoming weeks and months.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than twenty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you should click here

18 January 2017

Wrecking Ball

The Daily Beast published an excellent article yesterday (link here) with the title "Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, Could Make Life Hell for LGBT Youth."

As the piece states, "same-sex marriage may grab the headlines, but education policy at all levels of government often has more of an effect on the daily lives of LGBT people, because despite all the progress in recent years, queer kids are still being bullied, and still attempting suicide at four times the rate of straight kids."

Considering how DeVos's family has given hundreds of millions to anti-LGBT organizations and she herself has supported a far right, conservative anti-LGBT "religious liberty" group, one has to wonder if she has any concern for our community at all.

The Beast article then lays out, in some detail, four specific issues where DeVos could collide with LGBT rights and do so much damage.

This is why Donald Trump's personal beliefs about LGBT rights are really secondary because he's appointed so many anti-LGBT people to the senior levels of his incoming administration. While he may passively support issues like same-sex marriage, the fact that his administration is largely run and controlled by anti-LGBT zealots is what matters at the end of the day.

The Spotter Surrenders

Whilst lots of porn set in gyms is unbelievable, this one actually has a credible set-up: the lad doing bench presses realizes his mouth is incredibly close to his spotter's crotch.

Curiosity and poor impulse control gets the better of him, and the next thing he knows, he has the spotter's fat hardening cock in his mouth. That's enough to send another bloke in the gym over the edge and he jumps in, too.

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17 January 2017

A Totalitarian Checklist

On the Princeton Election Consortium webpage, political scientist Sam Wang wrote an interesting follow-up (link here) to the Adam Gopnik article I linked here yesterday.

He's provided a handy checklist of totalitarian steps Donald Trump could take, has threatened to take, or has already taken. Readers then suggested additional steps to the list.

Sam's initial list is:

1. Taking sides with a foreign power against domestic opposition -- already done.

2. Detention of journalists -- too early for that but has spoken in favor of anti-First Amendment measures.

3. Loss of press access to the White House -- already done as a private citizen while campaigning; transition staff is planning to move press out of White House after inauguration.

4. Made-up charges against those who disagree with Trump -- already done as a private citizen.

5. Use of power to target individual citizens for retribution -- already done as a private citizen.

6. Use of a terrorist incident or an international incident to take away civil liberties -- too early for that.

7. Persecution of an ethnic or religious minority, either by the Administration or its supporters -- already openly planned by both Trump and his underlings.

8. Defying the orders of courts, including the Supreme Court -- already done as a private citizen.

The inauguration is Friday. Worried yet?

The Man With Thirty Names

Here's another bloke who has done porn under dozens of names. He's been Patrick, Dorian, Matt, Art, Landon, Pete, Frank and more with a whole passel of different surnames.

I've never seen a satisfactory answer for why porn companies constantly change names, given porn consumers usually can recognize faces and other physical characteristics. The bigger name porn studs don't do that, nor do they do it in straight porn, so what exactly is the point?

He's topped and bottom and done straight porn, too. He'd probably fuck a Geo Metro if you paid him enough money. He stands six foot tall, weighs 185, and reportedly works as a personal trainer when he's not humping somebody on camera.

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16 January 2017

The Looming Face of Pure Authoritarianism

The brilliant Adam Gopnik published a short, must-read piece in The New Yorker last Friday (link here) that's a chilling overview of what we now face with the incoming Donald Trump administration.

I thought this portion from the last paragraph was very wise advice: "The best way to be sure that 2017 is not 1934 is to act as though it were. We must learn and relearn that age’s necessary lessons: that meek submission is the most short-sighted of policies; that waiting for the other, more vulnerable group to protest first will only increase the isolation of us all. We must refuse to think that if we play nice and don’t make trouble, our group won’t be harmed. Calm but consistent opposition shared by a broad front of committed and constitutionally-minded protesters -- it’s easy to say, fiendishly hard to do, and necessary to accomplish if we are to save the beautiful music of American democracy."

Now, of course, some people will clutch their pearls about the comparison to fascists and dictators, but that is a necessary analogy. Yes, Trump almost certainly will not be another Adolf Hitler.

But he might be another Benito Mussolini. Or Francisco Franco. Or Robert Mugabe. Or Ferdinand Marcos. Or Vladimir Putin. Or Augusto Pinochet. Or Anastasio Somoza. Or Slobodan Milosevic. Or Fulgencio Batista.

None of these people started out anything like they ended up, but the warning signs were there. And they were ignored by the complacent, many who later were victims of the men they tried to ignore or dismissed as harmless.

Let's not make the same mistake.

Bean Bag Banger

Topher -- the top here -- has been doing porn now for ten years. He started out as a twinky top but has metamorphosed into a beefier male, particularly in the last year or so. With a very few exceptions, he has always topped.

He has something of a Rudolph Valentino look which makes him distinct. He's now 31, stands 5'10, and weighs in at 175 pounds.

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